Primal Meat CSA

Primal Meat CSA provides meats from local farmers, personally chosen recipes, local and artisan products, as well as selected ingredients. Each box is handcrafted for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and supporting local business and farms.

Cost and Contents

Each box is $50 and generously serves 2-3 people with some leftovers. For larger families, you can select the large size, which will give you 2 boxes at a 10% discount. Each box will contain at least 3 meats, but could contain more based on the contents of the box that week. Meats included in the box could be beef, pork, chicken, and/or lamb.

Box contents and recipe links will be sent out the week before pickup. To get an idea of this program, please look through the Primal Meat CSA Newsletters which list the box contents for each and every box we have created.

Pickup Schedules and Locations

All pickups will be every other week at the following locations and times:

  • Pendulum Fine Meats: Thursday – Saturday from 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • Virginia Beach Town Center: Wednesday 4:00pm-6:00pm


What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By investing in a Pendulum Fine Meats® CSA, you are supporting farmers, small-scale meat processors, local employees and families supported by our shop, and you are also creating demand for non-factory farmed meats.

What is our supply chain like?
Pendulum Fine Meats® uses locally sourced products in which animals are ethically raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.

How should I store/use my meat?
Please keep your meats frozen until you are almost ready to use them. For thawing, you can place it in the refrigerator. A whole chicken might take 2-3 days, otherwise overnight for most packs of meat under 2 pounds. Quicker thawing can occur by placing the vacuum sealed package in a bowl in the sink and running a trickle of cold water over it for about an hour. This ensures that the package does not come up to a pathogen-promoting temperature in some parts while the rest is frozen. Please use your thawed product within 4 days.

Where is our store?
We are located at 820 Shirley Ave., in the Ghent section of Norfolk. We live in the neighborhood, and feel proud to be a part of Norfolk!


“We have been customers of Pendulum since July of 2014. It has always been a priority of ours to know where our food comes from and to support sustainable practices and local businesses. I assure you that you will not be disappointed in the time and care Dylan and Dana go into planning the CSAand every aspect of Pendulum Fine Meats. Every two weeks we look forward to receiving Pendulum’s CSA newsletter in our inbox. This bi-weekly journey starts with The Primal News, setting the stage for what we will receive in our upcoming CSA box, anything from a couple of streaks to a pizza kit complete with toppings, homemade sauce and crust. There are also recipes for each of the items you will be receiving, which never fail to represent restaurant quality productions made in the comfort of your kitchen with easy to follow instructions, many from the Pendulum staff led by Culinary Institute of America alum Dylan Wakefield. With Pendulum being a whole animal butcher shop, you are sure to have the opportunity to try something new that will have you coming back for more. Do not hesitate to visit to their shop and grab your favorite cuts or try something new and sign up for the CSA, you will not be disappointed in experiencing new tastes every week.”


“I have been a Primal CSA member since its inception. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the meat and the variety of products. I love that each box comes with a newsletter, including recipes for inspiration. It is also fun to get themed boxes throughout the year, such as “Christmas morning” with breakfast ingredients and the “Superbowl” box with wings & chili ingredients. Recently there was a whole chicken with brining mix and detailed instructions on how to brine & roast it- it was delicious! I always look forward to trying new recipes with the next box!”


“My family has learned how to cook a variety of cuts of meat since signing up for Pendulum’s CSA several years ago. Each box is accessible, but gives us things we might not have picked off-hand at the grocery store. There hasn’t been a bad box yet. Bonus: we love supporting Virginia’s farmers.”