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Thanksgiving Turkey Information:

All Natural Turkeys (7.99 lb.):
These birds are available in the 10-15 lb. range and the 15-22 lb. range. Our Naked Turkeys are different from the mass-produced, factory-farmed turkeys found in most supermarkets today. These all-natural birds are grown on small family farms in North Carolina for superior culinary attributes and a high quality eating experience.

Heritage Turkeys (12.99 lb):
Our Heritage Black Turkey is a heritage breed, admitted to APA standard in 1874. It is one of the first to be developed from Native American stocks. In fact, it is believed to be the same breed the Pilgrims feasted on during their first Thanksgiving. This breed is well-suited for foraging, and they raise these special birds on pasture, on a small family farm in North Carolina. They are processed by hand, and like all of our Heritage birds, they are air chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness, and perfect texture. We are only allotted 20 of these special birds. They come in varying sizes and we never know until we get them. Generally they are in the 10-18 lb range.

All of our turkeys are fed a wholesome, all-vegetable diet with no artificial ingredients. They are processed in a modern, USDA-approved facility with strict sanitation guidelines and an approved HACCP program. Hand-selected from the very best USDA Grade A birds, with
no injections, marinades, brines, or artificial ingredients. Fresh, never frozen!

The $20 deposit will go towards your bird and you will pay the remaining balance upon pickup. 

We will email pickup details as we get closer to Thanksgiving, but pickup will begin the Saturday before Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a specific weight in the range, we are going to honor those requests on a first come basis for pickups. For example, if you want an 11 lb. bird, be there the first day of pickups because there will be more variety.

Please feel free to email for more information or with any additional questions. Click on the link below to reserve.