The Pendulum Popups

Pendulum Popups

The Pendulum Popups

Four teams of two, four different concepts, two Sunday nights of their concept, the opportunity to share their creativity and culinary talent with the community. Winning team gets $1000 prize.

The idea came around after Alkaline decide to move into their own space. We were talking to our staff and many of them thought we should open our own night time activity. We were just unsure how that would look, what food we could do, staffing, commitment. We tossed around a lot of ideas before Ian came to us with his idea of the Codex popup. Meanwhile a lot of the staff were still thinking of interesting ideas and wanted a chance to do their own popups. Many of the ideas need refinement, but were also valuable. We originally proposed an idea that each employee give us their concepts written out very clearly and we, along with a panel perhaps, would decide the best one and they could do a popup. That seemed to be very subjective and the core way that a business is judged is as a business. So we decided on this popup format. Revenue minus food and labor cost, highest total wins $1,000. The entire public can decide. Beyond an exercise in rudimentary business and cooking skills, it is an opportunity to try out an idea just to see if it has any merit. They will have to consider all aspects of running a business; food cost, labor, cost, marketing, and so much more.

With such a talented staff, we feel compelled to help them grow professionally. As much as we would love to keep them forever, much like our children, we know they will go on to bigger and better things. It is our job as their boss, to provide leadership, education, and opportunity. The popups are the latest measure to build the capacity of our staff.

The Teams Are:

Edward Oast and Anthony SanGiacomo

Osteria Fistolo, Italian Cooking with Southern Roots
February 18th and April 15th

Seth Joy and Caroline Haack Assum

A Norfolk take on Nordic Cuisine
March 4th and April 22nd

Taylor Burges and Shawn Lindsay

Cleaver, A Chophouse
March 18th and April 29th

Cory Owens and Pat Zaremski

Pearl, A Soulful take on Southern Cuisine
February 25th and March 25th